Elpower’s activity is set to keep a high-quality level and availability of all the information useful to a fast and efficient post-sale assistance.

For this reason, standard procedures for direct and indirect activities have been defined with a double goal:

  1. Reproducibility of production and testing processes
  2. Traceability of the finished product

All Elpower products, before their delivery, are tested at full power at our headquarter. Once they are installed, they are connected by remote with the post-sale assistance department through a remote control kit that allows a considerable saving of money and time in the activity of supervision as well as in the set-up and software modification.

In addition to this, while performing these activities, eco-friendly criteria are applied through a policy of sorting office waste out from factory waste.




  • Compliance of the products of the series Cleanverter 125-30 and Cleanverter 40-100 TL and Cleanverter 30 SP (Single-phase and Split phase) and standard G59/3

  • Compliance of size 20 kW with standard JETG30003-1-7.0